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Windows 8: important features to better password protect your system

More than ever, passwords are a part of our lives, the key to our digital identity. It is no exception to Windows 8 users. Microsoft has claimed that Windows 8 is the most secure operation system ever since. Actually, we can easily find in this new system a lot of security improvements including the password protection in Windows 8.

The problem with password protection

As always, password protection can be useful to protect others from peeping at your system without your permissions. However, the development of advanced password hacking technologies is also remarkable, including phishing, keylogging, guessing and cracking. As a result, if you really care about the system security, you have to create a powerful password for your system. You need to make it complicated and long. The problem is that, since we have so many accounts and passwords to remember, how can we remember clearly these passwords all the time? And once users forget the password, they may have to deal with the problem of Windows 8 recovery password. Luckily, in Windows 8, it seems that the situation can be improved because of some new features in this system.

Windows 8 password features

In Windows 8, just like in previous systems, users can set up multiple user accounts and then make password for each account. This kind of password, so-called “text password”, is often combined of uppercase/lowercase letters, base digits and special symbols. We have to admit that it is not only familiar to Windows users as well as password hackers. Except for the text password, there are three more authentication methods in Windows 8, picture password, PIN code and Microsoft account.

Picture password: Windows 8 users are allowed to select a picture randomly and then design a sequence of gestures on the image. When the user needs to log in via the picture password, he only needs to draw exactly the same gestures on the image.

Microsoft account: A Microsoft account (Windows Live ID) is the email address and password you use to sign in to any Microsoft related account including, Hotmail, Xbox, MSN, etc. You can use the Microsoft account to log in your Windows 8 and, at the same time, take advantage of all the services connected to this account in Windows 8.

PIN code: Similar to the PIN we use for bank account, a PIN code in Windows 8 is made up of four digits. It is useful if your normal login password is too complicated to type on the virtual keyboard in a tablet.

Other features to help better password protect Windows 8

Sync Passwords: Windows 8 allows users to sync account data via Windows Live to trusted PCs, making unique and complex passwords a more practical option. You then needn’t to reenter all your passwords when you use multiple computers. It is then possible that you just need to remember the login password.

Store Accounts: Windows 8 allows users to save the login name and password for websites, similar to most web browsers. Not only IE, but other web browsers and software can take advantage of it, therefore, to remember the login password can be a much easier thing.

By the way, Windows 8 also allows users to create password reset disk, which will be helpful for resetting Windows password when you happen to forget it. And also, it’s pretty easy for users to find some password reset programs.

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