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Windows 7 Showcased By Microsoft

Windows 7 Showcased By Microsoft

For PDC 2008, Microsoft is releasing screenshots of Windows 7 that confirm the rumors of a new taskbar, start menu and fewer warnings.

New screenshots of the Windows 7 operating system have been released by Microsoft, showing off a new Taskbar that groups application instances together, no longer showing their name but only their icon; when hovering over the icon, thumbnails of applications in that group will pop-up. The order of the applications can now also be changed.

The Start Menu suffered a small redesign and has been reorganized to show frequent and recent applications on the right pane.

A gadget-enabled desktop that replaces the Vista sidebar; all of Vista’s sidebar gadgets will be compatible with the new gadget-enabled desktop.

Alerts will not be seen as often in Windows 7 as when using Windows Vista. The new Action Center allows you to control the pop-up balloons that show up in the System Tray. All the messages will now queue up in the Action Center and can be resolved by the user when ready, or the user can shut them down alltogether.

Tablet PCs will benefit from Windows 7′s multitouch capabilities. Other new features in the showcased Windows 7 version include an easier home networks setup process, and a new way to display a folder’s content (typically when it contains pictures and other media,) called Library.

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