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Windows 7 Multitouch Capabilities Demoed

At WinHEC, Microsoft demoed the new multitouch capabilities that come with Windows 7 with the support of N-trig (a popular producer of touchscreen displays) who has already released the first multitouch-enabling drivers for Windows 7.

The multitouch capabilities of Windows 7 were demoed at WinHEC this year, showing how Windows 7 makes tablet PCs and other touch-enabled devices much easier to use. Among the applications demoed, there was Virtual Earth, Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Worldwide Telescope.

Windows 7 drivers for the multitouch displays found in Dell Latitude XT Tablet PCs have already been released by N-trig, the producer of the touchscreens for these devices. The drivers are in a pre-beta stage, running on a pre-beta version of Windows 7, therefore bugs are common and expected.

“Working with Microsoft, we are building the infrastructure that is fueling HOC innovation in the PC marketplace,” said Amihai Ben David, CEO of N-trig. “With this foundation in place, ISVs can now create new applications to further enhance the usability and reduce the barriers between people and computers. Additionally, these software advancements give OEMs a high level of interactivity for a dynamic interface that will open up further avenues for development.”

“We’re excited to bring multi-touch to Windows 7 to create a unique experience for customers to easily search for information, navigate web pages and locate files all at their fingertips,” said Gary Schare, Director of Hardware Ecosystem Product Management at Microsoft Corp. “N-trig’s DuoSense technology is key to enabling multi-touch experiences by allowing customers a natural way to interact directly with computing devices through a touch of a finger.”

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