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Windows 7 Boot Times And Performance

The Windows 7 team is taking the performance of the new operating system seriously, at the request of its consumers. The blog discusses what Microsoft is doing to achieve a new level of performance.

The Engineering Windows 7 blog has recognized the interest of Windows consumers in the improved performance of the new operating system, and two new posts have been dedicated to covering the subject.

According to the blog, the Windows 7 teams are constantly watching the memory usage, CPU usage, disk operations, boot, shutdown, standby and resume time, among other metrics. They are also working on improving device driver performance, network performance and boot performance. A very fast boot would be 15 seconds or less, and the Windows team is working towards getting more systems to achieve that performance with Windows 7 – while keeping in mind that obviously the hardware plays an important factor.

The measurements are done on a wide range of hardware platforms, with various amounts of RAM, hard-disks and solid-state disks, 32 bit and 64 bit processors. The Windows operating system also uses conditional statements that target different code depending on the available hardware.

Furthermore, the Fundamentals Team’s primary objective is to improve the performance of Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8. Aside from that, a single team of developers has been assigned the task of increasing the boot performance of the operating system. Tests are being done in a benchmark lab that allow to track and compare different versions of the Windows 7 code.

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