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Why Are Macs Better Than PCs

At Mac repair UK know only too well Many users have made the switch from a PC to the Mac. The main reasons are that Macs are more creative and reliable. Currently, PCs are still the most widely used platform worldwide. However, there are reasons why the Mac outweighs the PC. Here are the top reasons why you should buy a Mac instead of a PC:

Consistency – The operating system of the Mac is more consistent than Windows. Whenever Microsoft upgrades their system, it randomly moves information around. The OS X is more logical and its minimalist and well-designed user interface is much easier to handle. Apple upgrades are also less buggy than its Windows counterpart. The bottom line is that the OS X is more user-friendly.

Predictability – Though the Mac is not perfect, the Mac still has less problems than the PC. The Mac suffers fewer crashes, deals more efficiently with slow memory, and does not suffer from illogical slowdowns. This is probably due to the fact that Apple is the only company in the industry that codes its own software.

More Secure – Currently there are more viruses, adware and malware targeted towards PCs. A Mac user with no security software is still safer than a PC user who has a running anti-virus program. Also unlike PC users, Mac users are not bombarded by demoware and adware that PC manufacturers add onto the start menu, system tray and desktop. Macs are relatively free of all these headaches.

Design Details – A PC that has the same RAM, CPU speed and hard-drive specs of a Mac will cost less. But what you are paying for when you buy a Mac are those elegant design details. For instance, the Macs AC adaptor has hooks that allow you to wrap the cord around it for easy packing. The power cord is also connected using a magnet which would not damage your computer when it is accidentally yanked from your Mac. The Mac also has a large track pad that allows you to navigate through the OS X interface much more easily.

Apple Applications are a Cut Above the Rest – Apple applications are extremely user-friendly, fun and innovative. These programs range from the iLife creative suite to the robust and powerful Final Cut Pro. These programs will only run on Mac’s OS X.Macs are PCs – With the Parallels Desktop and Bootcamp, you can run Windows and its applications on the Mac. So if you need to run a program that is only exclusive to Windows then you can do so on your Mac. These reasons show that that the Mac is a better purchase than the PC.

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