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The New Windows 7 Release Is Of A Relative Size

The Windows 7 engineers have hinted that Windows 7 may be a minor release in the eyes of some users but a major one for others. While they haven’t defined Windows 7 as being a minor or major release, they are suggesting it’s somewhere in between.

The Engineering Windows 7 blog has recently talked about how the scale of a new operating system release is relative to every type of users. While for end-users a major release typically comes with an upgraded or new PC, for developers the defining factor is the number of new capabilities and APIs introduced.

In weighting the advantages and disadvantages of re-architecting the Windows operating system in order to create a major release for everyone, one that performs better and takes full advantage of the latest technologies, the engineers at Microsoft agree that the key is a balance in the release of any operating system, including Windows 7.

The blog posters were careful in not categorizing the new Windows 7 operating system as either a minor or major release, and resorted to calling it an “awesome release.”

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