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If you want to discover the shortest way to your destination, you might want to select one of the numerous Sat Navs, because practically all of them will help you to achieve the similar results. It is a great idea to buy the less expensive? You will surely not be disappointed if you do so because there is no solid argument that can contradict this fact. Buying a cheap unit will not make any difference from buying the most expensive one since it will guide you through the correct track to your destination nine times out of then.

However, the Sat Navs units can offer numerous other options. You will no longer have to pay only £50 for your unit if you want to have a bigger screen, because you need to add around £30 for this option. We all know that there are some routes that should be avoided during certain periods of the day, and this is exactly what the IQ Routes feature will help you to do. Moreover, this Sat Nav option will also adapt to your driving style. For this feature, you will have to pull out of your pocket another £10 to £20. Add to this amount another £30 to £50 if you want to obtain traffic information on your unit as well and another £30 for European Maps. You also have the possibility to discover the heavy traffic if you select to pay a monthly service that will deliver you images captured in the traffic jams. In the end, you will discover that the Sat Nav unit is far less expensive than all of the additional features summed together.

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