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New gadgets are constantly being invented (or re-invented depending on how you look at it) with otherworldly technologies to make life easier and more manageable.  While some devices may be handy in the office, the popular gadgets today are those that increase mobility giving you the flexibility to work anywhere with limitless resources.

Moving data is obviously not a new technology but devices and gadgets used for these purposes keep appearing to meet the demands of a constantly-evolving marketplace. While there is endless appetite for new nerdy devices, certainly the focus is on sleek and smart gadgets that stand out of the jam-packed techie market. One such device that promises to capture documents; images, photos, prints, diagrams, maps etc. anywhere and transform them into electronic form for later manipulation, is the highly-desirable new mobile pen scanner from Hammacher Schlemmer.

About the size of a chunky ballpoint, this scanner will laser scan any document – a menu in a restaurant, street map, job Ads in a newspaper – pretty much anything you might encounter in your daily routine. It has an in-built 5-megapixel sensor with a high-precision auto-focus lens which can scan any document to produce a crystal clear 2048 x 1536 pixel image. On the surface, the device looks just like an ordinary pen (you can even write with it!!) but when you set it to scan mode, it could easily be mistaken for a gadget from a spy movie.

The functions of the pen scanner are fairly simple – pressing the shutter button halfway will cause the pen to project visible red border on a target document which enables it to focus automatically before scanning begins. It has built-in flash memory of up to 1GB it can hold up to 1,000 jpeg format images so storage capacity shouldn’t be a concern. Worried it will run out of power the minute you leave the house? Worry not, it can capture up to 300 images on a single one hour charge. In addition, it also has the capability to capture voice WAV format memos via the integrated microphone. And of course, the device comes with a USB plug that can be used to transfer scanned documents onto any PC or Mac.

How many products these days perform a relatively mundane, but necessary, function whilst allowing you to look like James Bond at the same time? Surely a ‘must have’ for all geeks this season.


About the Author: Michaela Jones is the Marketing Manager at She is a tech enthusiast and regular blogger on the subject of new products and gadgets.


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