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We’re getting to that time of year where the big technology players start to launch their new flagship products in the run up to Christmas where sales can literally go through the roof.

There’s events taking place throughout August and September both Apple, Samsung and HTC and we’ve taken some inspiration from these forthcoming events to round up five bits of technology we think will be on your Christmas 2013 wishlist. Some of them are already confirmed whilst others are mere whispers.

1. The Google Nexus 7 2nd Generation

Google took the tablet world by storm last year with their Asus manufactured Nexus 7 and look set to go one better this year with their upgraded 2nd generation model that’s packed with great features.

The tablet was released in the US on July 30th and looks to be hitting shelves across the globe by mid September.
This isn’t just a minor upgrade either, they’ve changed the design considerably, fitting a rear facing 5 mega pixel camera and according to the screen is a reported 1,920 x 1,200 pixel display which makes it the best quality screen available even more so than the latest iPad and considerably more than iPad mini.

2. The iPhone 5S with Finger Print Sensor

No technology post is complete these days without the mention of at least one Apple product and it looks like Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5S in September.

Apple has a history of underwhelming changes when it comes to their “S” models being mere software upgrades but it looks like they’re going above and beyond this year to claw back market share and launching the iPhone 5S with a finger print scanner to unlock the phone.

This technology is brand new, and has never featured on a smart phone which is going to make this phone incredibly popular. It’s almost James Bond like and will surely be one of this years, and nexts must have gadgets.

It will also feature the newly designed iOS 7 which means it’s going to be a real upgrade from the iPhone 5 which is still less than a year old.

3. The Nokia Lumia 6″ Phablet

Nokia has been overshadowed by Apple and Samsung in recent times but they’ve caused a storm after the front panel of a their new Lumia Phablet was leaked online earlier this month.

Phablets are growing in popularity by the day with more and more smartphone manufacturers rushing to capitalise and at 6″ this Nokia Lumia would be one of the biggest phones on the market.

It would also be one of the first phablets to use Windows 8 which makes it quite a unique phone and something that could prove very popular.

No release date for the Lumia phablet is confirmed yet but should Nokia be able to get this onto the shelves before the end of the year we could be witnessing a new best seller.

4. A New 13″ iPad

Not to be outdone by other manufacturers it looks like Apple are upping their game in the tablet market by planning to release a much larger version of the iPad.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier in July that the Cupertino based firm were testing both larger versions of the iPad and iPhone to counteract the growing threat that Samsung is posing to Apple’s dominance.

It’s not confirmed if it will be released this year, or if ever, but a 13″ iPad would make it the same size as a MacBook which is a huge increase from the current 9.7″ iPad.

Is it 13″ too big for a tablet? It’s difficult to say currently as this is a completely new device but it could be a viable replacement for a laptop and yet again makes Apple an innovator in the market place.

5. The Samsung Galaxy Note III

Samsung are never far away when it comes to new releases and coming on September 4th at an event in Berlin will the new Samsung Galaxy Note III.

We all know how popular the Galaxy Note II to was so this one looks set to replicate that and then some.

Why will this be so popular in Q4 2013? Well it’s going to be the first phone that featured a 3GB ram chip making it a step ahead of the competition who are currently all running off 2GB chips.

Not only that the Note III will make use of LTE Advanced which whilst not rolled out worldwide is available in the far east and in trial areas and is much much quicker than 4G, running at 150mbps.

Which tech are you hoping to get your hands on in Quarter 4 2013? Have you been holding out in anticipation for a new device?

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