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While both of these mobile phones are excellent and either would make a good choice, each one has unique features that would likely appeal to a variety of users. Personal preferences for these features will likely be the deciding factor when one chooses between these two excellent mobile phone models. Don’t forget your Samsung Galaxy S4 cases from Ace Case as the dimensions are different from the Galaxy S3.

Both phones have large AMOLED display screens with HD capabilities.  The Note has a 5.5-inch screen while the S4 has a 5-inch screen.  For many users bigger is better and those who like to use the mobile home for games apps or to view videos might find the Note’s larger screen to be a big plus.

The Note operates a bit more like a tablet than the S4 does and it is great for those who want some of the capabilities of a tablet but do not want to have to carry around a device that will not fit in the pocket.  The S4 continues to be more like one of the top smartphones and while the two do have several shared features the feel of a tablet can be quite appealing.

Both are touchscreen devices but the Note comes with a stylus called the S-pen that is awesome for writing or drawing and is fun to use for manipulating photos, adding captions or even doodling.  The Note also has an e-reader feature for those who lie to have their reading materials at their fingertips.  The S-Pen also has the ability to hover and still work, a feature Samsung has added to its phones that users really seem to like.

Typing in text onscreen can be a bit easier to do with one hand, especially for a smaller person or a person with smaller hands with the S4.  The screen is just large enough on the Note for one-handed typing to be uncomfortable for many users.  If one handed convenience is important to you that S4 is definitely a better choice.

If you can get an S4 with the 1.9 GHz processor you will have one fast smartphone.  This model outperforms most smartphones, including the tablet-like Note when it comes to processing speed. The S4 will rival the very top of the line smartphones for fast processing and sheer power.  While the Note is no slouch, it is simply not going to stand up to the S4 when it comes to this trait.

The Note is all about productivity and multitasking, even allowing two apps to run at once on the same screen in different little windows.  It is great for those who lie widgets that keep them informed at a glance.  The S4 is all about creativity, video-making, picture taking, and fun apps that run quickly and efficiently.

Which of these models is the best for you will depend largely upon what it is you need your phone to do besides make calls, which both of these smartphones do quite well.  Which phone seems best to you?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

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