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With the ongoing cliché that ‘content is king’ being constantly bandied around the web, it’s obvious that the web marketing world has changed somewhat. Now, techies who were happy focusing on link-building and on-page optimisation are being forced to delve into social media, copywriting and journalism. What, though, truly defines great content in 2013?

Up-to-date information. Whether you’re a sports equipment manufacturer or a marketing firm yourself, the content you’re providing should always be at the cutting edge of your industry. Without the hot-off-the-press information, you’ll always be lagging behind your competitors. Write about today, not last week!
It provides something useful. If there’s a surefire way to define useless content, it’s probably as content that provides nothing new for anybody. It’s either been released before in some other form, or simply covers an area of your industry that no-one else is really interested in. If you take the time to come up with a really great idea first, then the SEO focused content will practically write itself. Remember, you’re writing for them, not for you.

It catches the imagination. Or, controversy creates cash. Essentially, your content should really grab people’s attention, and make them aware of something they genuinely didn’t know. It should have the ‘wow’ factor. You want to provide information that either offers something completely new, or puts a real unique twist on something already in the public eye.

Be controversial. One of the biggest selling factors in newspaper content is the controversial column by someone with their own strong views. That’s what sells! That’s why it’s curious that so many content providers offer up bland, neutral writing that sounds like its scared of upsetting anyone. Don’t fall into the same trap: hire writers with real, strong opinions. If you can’t budget for that, then create some unique personas and write around them instead. Create a discussion point, and you’re far more likely to attract attention.

Be human. Linked to the above point, it’s important that any content in 2013 carries an air of humanity to it, whether it be through the tone of voice used, the views aired or simply the impression of friendliness given. Some of the most opinionated blogs out there gain readers simply through offering genuine views from people who have a real knowledge of what they’re talking about. This should be the angle that you approach content from: you are, after all, seeking to become a knowledge source yourself.

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