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To make the most of your existing CCTV system you will need to make sure that it goes under regular repair and maintenance to be able to highlight any possible faults in your system. No one wants a CCTV system that is actually a liability to their building or compound.

Usually the company who set up your security system will offer additional CCTV maintenance packages to further protect your system. However, you must make sure that your package fully covers the aspects that you want it to as there are often many different types of coverage. If you are not happy with the current coverage you are currently being offered then you are fully in your right to change to a different company.

Here at Blanksystems we offer the following packages for you to choose from:

Bronze CCTV Maintenance Contract:
By visiting your site annually, we sort out all faults and issues, re-focus, clean and notify you of any repairs, calibrate monitors, test and update recording settings, train your staff, supply adequate CCTV Signage and enable you to meet all legal requirements of the data protection act. This includes a free direct help line. Straight to an engineer Additional Call-Out´s and faulty parts are charged separately

Silver CCTV Maintenance Contract:
As above, but additionally all eventual Call-Out´s and labour for repairs are inclusive. You are only liable for cost of faulty parts, which we will supply at a discounted rate.

Gold CCTV Maintenance Contract:
As above, but additionally mechanical breakdown of CCTV Equipment is covered.

Please note – None of the maintenance agreements cover replacements through acts of vandalism or accidental damage.

We also offer a 24 hour Emergency callout to make sure that we can get your CCTV system as quickly as possible whenever it goes down. It does not matter if you are just one home or a large business compound with various sites, we promise to get to you within 24 hours to give you the full peace of mind that a Blanksystems system offers. If you are in central London we guarantee a 4 hour call out time before our highly skilled engineers are on site for CCTV repairs.

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