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Electronic Cigarettes are becoming a popular alternative to traditional smoking. They work on a principle of heating a source of pure nicotine. This nicotine after heating becomes a vapour that can be inhaled much like cigarettes. The difference is that only nicotine is inhaled. None of the other more harmful substances associated with real smoking are present in an electronic cigarette.


The Cartomizer is the most important component of the electronic cigarette. It is the source of the Nicotine. On its own the Nicotine has a somewhat synthetic experience for the smoker. There are many different flavours that can give a more natural experience. These include the addition of natural tobacco leaf to further emulate the smoking experience.


As everyone has different preferences we can provide different flavour strengths as well as flavours so you can be sure there is a product that will suit you.


There a wide range of flavours not just natural nicotine flavour. So you might want to try some different flavours before you find your favourite. You will be amazed at the range of flavours out there. They include, Dark Tobacco, Red Tobacco, Moroccan Tobacco, Silver Tobacco and Royal Tobacco and even menthol flavour. There are also more unusual flavours which include strawberry and even apple pie. There is even a spearmint ice flavour too.


It would always be advisable to use high quality Cartomizer products particularly those using high quality UK pharmaceutical grade nicotine. This is so you can be assured that you will not be receiving cartomizers with impurities and other problems associated with a poor quality product.


One of the problems with e-cigarettes is that there are many brands and fittings out there. As there is not standard fitting, you must be sure that you have found the correct fitting for your electronic cigarette. Many places now sell cartomizers that come in many fittings for all major e-cigarette brands. Chances are that you will easily find a retailer that has a suitable cartomizer for your existing electronic cigarette.


The various fitting for many electronic cigarette brands including, E-lites, SKYCIG, Vapouriz, VAPESTICK and Nicolites. There are many online retailers selling cartomizers, such as Cartomizer Outlet, one of the few specialists that can be found online. These specialists are a good place to start as they have expertise in the field and have stock for many different electronic cigarettes.


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