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If you’re a UK homeowner, chances are you have sash windows in your residence. These are the most common type of windows and come in a variety of styles and sizes. Here’s some information about the sash window that you might find interesting and instructive.

What is a Sash Window?

A sash window consists of 2 wooden frames mounted in a vertical frame that contains 2 tracks. The frames, also known as sashes, hold 1 or 2 panes of glass. The sashes slide up or down in the tracks so the window can be opened or closed. In older types of window sashes, weights suspended by ropes or cords facilitate the window’s operation. When there are 2 panes of glass in a sash, it’s known as a double glazed sash window. Alternatively, there can be multiple panes of glass, also called lights, in a sash. These are held in place by narrow strips called muntin bars.

What are Some Characteristics of a Sash Window?

Since replacing sash windows can cost upwards of £600 each, it’s important to know what to look for when considering them. In wood sash windows, the muntin bars are removable. This gives the homeowner some versatility in the window’s look. In addition, removable muntin bars facilitate cleaning. Since most contemporary sliding sash windows no longer use ropes and weights, modern designs allow the sashes to be completely removed from the frame. New sash windows may also have a convenient tilt mechanism, so that the outdoor portion of the window can be cleaned from the inside. Although many types of sash replacement windows are made from wood, others are aluminum clad on the outside. Aluminum clad windows come in a variety of colors to compliment your home and never need painting or maintenance of any kind. This makes them very popular with homeowners. In addition, bespoke sash windows are widely available, meaning that custom-made shapes and sizes can be created for even the most unique window openings, such as octagonal, etc. One UK window manufacturer advertises “11,000 different patterns and styles, with over 4,000 standard shapes and sizes,” so it’s clear that sash windows are incredibly versatile.

What to Expect from a Sash Window Contractor

Many companies who are installing and replacing sash windows in the UK are also the manufacturers. This makes the installation or replacement process seamless. A good contractor will offer competitive pricing and will work within your established budget. The process begins with a site survey and consultation. Next comes the technical design and manufacture of the replacement sash windows. Finally, the windows are fitted and installed. Since most windows carry a hefty warranty (10 to 20 years), it’s important to select a well-established contractor who will be available to make repairs (if needed under the warranty) well into the future.

Sash windows are an important component of many UK homes. Doesn’t it make sense to shop as carefully for the contractor as you do the windows?

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