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By Cameron Martin  

As a freelance writer, I’m constantly balancing an array of assignments, some at different stages of development. Regardless of where I’m at with a project – it’s completely reported out and half written; it’s in the fledging stage with a list of possible contacts – any loss of data can be devastating to my work schedule.

No one likes to repeat work. Not only are you annoyed with the fact that certain stages have to be repeated, but you’re nagged by the suspicion that this second effort isn’t as good as the first.

In the past, this has happened to me on several occasions, and it’s impossible to put a price on the amount of work hours that I lost repeating work that I’d already done.

That’s why I know it’s imperative to back up my files.

Recently I finished a sports profile for a top newspaper. This story was slated to run in the Sunday section of this major metropolitan paper, which has a circulation of several million readers – and even more on Sundays.

The same day I finished the piece – which took me several weeks to complete – my computer was infected with a Trojan virus and all the applications on my computer were locked up.

I panicked. How was I going to explain to my editor that I couldn’t get him the assignment? Was I really going to tell him my computer was infected? I might as well tell him my dog ate my computer.

But then I remembered that all my files were backed up on TAPNET, which utilizes the power of cloud computing to store your valuable files at an online data storage.

I didn’t need my computer to work (run wild, Trojan!); I could access all my files from any computer or iPhone because my files had been stored by TAPNET.

TAPNET monitors my files as I work, and backs them up as soon as they are saved – so there’s no need to remember to back up.

It doesn’t matter how many files I’ve got on my computer – TAPNET backs them all up! TAPNET backs up all hard drives and external drives on my computer.

I can access my backed up files from the web, an iPhone, an iPad, Android, or from any computer with an Internet connection.

This works whether I’ve got a PC or Mac. And my backups are private and secure.

TAPNET starts at just $24.50 a year, and it provides me with peace of mind.


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