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More Windows 7 M3 Screenshots Leak

As Microsoft starts to spread more Windows 7 builds to beta testers, more screenshots and releases make it online for anyone to view and download. Microsoft tries to track down the leakers to make the release of Windows 7 more mysterious and exciting.

Starting September 12, Microsoft has started spreading M3 builds of the Windows 7 operating system within the company but also to selected beta testers outside of the company.

The M3 release of Windows 7 shows an updated Paint and Wordpad that feature the ribbon interface introduced by Microsoft Office 2007, however no noticeable new features were introduced. The Control Panel and many of its modules, such as the Display Settings now follow a new layout that’s meant to ease the access to common settings. Windows Media Player now also comes in a Lite version that loads audio and video files faster.

Microsoft officials frown upon the leaked versions because they might give the wrong idea to the public. Also, they kept a tight lid on the information surrounding the screenshots and the Windows 7 M3 release in general, but they are expected to release a broadscale beta of Windows 7 in December 2008 followed by the RTM (release to manufacturing) version just 6 months later, in the summer of 2009. The new rumored deadline of June 3, 2009 puts Windows 7 about 6 months ahead of the original deadline.

It is unclear whether or not Microsoft will be handing out early releases of Windows 7 at the upcoming PDC and WinHEC conventions; if they do, more leaked screenshots and builds are expected to leak from the hands of the attendees.

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