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Introducing The Windows Development Teams

The Microsoft Developer Network has opened a new blog that has already gained plenty of popularity – ‘Engineering Windows 7′ – and it deals with the development process of Windows 7, while listening for feedback from fans.

The listening ear of Microsoft has opened at where two senior engineering managers, Jon DeVaan and Steven Sinofsky are posting information on the process of engineering Windows 7 and listening to suggestions and questions from the audience.

According to the two bloggers, the Windows operating system is assigned to a variety of teams, and each time consists of about 40 developers. These teams have remained fairly consistant over the years, and some of the large teams include:

  • Applets and Gadgets
  • Assistance and Support Technologies
  • Core User Experience
  • Customer Engineering and Telemetry
  • Deployment and Component Platform
  • Desktop Graphics
  • Devices and Media
  • Devices and Storage
  • Documents and Printing
  • Engineering System and Tools
  • File System
  • Find and Organize
  • Fundamentals
  • Internet Explorer (including IE 8 down-level)
  • International
  • Kernel & VM
  • Media Center
  • Networking – Core
  • Networking – Enterprise
  • Networking – Wireless
  • Security
  • User Interface Platform
  • Windows App Platform

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