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In Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8 Can Be Uninstalled

The controversial Internet Explorer browser can now be uninstalled from the Windows 7 operating system, complying with the numerous objections of the European Union under the claim that the inclusion of Internet Explorer in Windows violates the competition law.

Starting with Build 7048 of Windows 7, the notorious Internet Explorer browser, now at version 8, can be uninstalled from the Programs section of the Control Panel. Internet Explorer 8 is now an option in the large list of windows features just like Solitaire, Internet Information Services and the .NET Framework.

Although Microsoft has yet to comment on the move of making Internet Explorer 8 an option in Windows 7, many speculate that this is in reaction to the numerous objections that the European Union has made against the inclusion of a web browser within the Windows operating system.

Earlier this year, once again the EU has charged Microsoft with violating the European competition law by including the Internet Explorer browser in the Windows operating system for the past 13 years, and gave Microsoft two months to respond to these charges.

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