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3 Simple SEO Rules You Should Always Follow

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful web marketing system which helps increase your website’s visibility. SEO techniques help bring the online traffic you desire and thus enable your website to be ranked higher than millions of others in search engine results. However, it is not an easy task as search engines are now more advanced and require you to work hard to achieve the top rank. I’m going to share some basic SEO rules today for your convenience.

3 Basic Rules of SEO

As a website owner, you must have a little knowledge about SEO and should read many different articles and blogs talking about the latest and most modern SEO techniques available. However, before you make a jump to using expert SEO techniques, here are some basic rules and elements of good SEO, that you should follow:.

  1. Quality linking: If content is King, then link is Queen. Build a network of quality links around your website and remember, the purpose of link building is not quantity, but quality. One good and trustworthy link is better than a hundred links of poor quality.
  2. Search engine friendly URLs: Always clearly name the URLs with your main keywords. Also, ensure that the URLs are simple and easy to understand.
  3. Avoid excess Flash: Flash elements within your webpage may look pretty and fancy, but actually do little to improve SEO. Though it may add to the user experience of a website, placing it on the main navigational path of a website can hurt your SEO efforts.

Is your website following these basic rules? If so, then you and your website are on the path to a successful SEO.

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