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To make the most of your existing CCTV system you will need to make sure that it goes under regular repair and maintenance to be able to highlight any possible faults in your system. No one wants a CCTV system that is actually a liability to their building or compound.

Usually the company who set up your security system will offer additional CCTV maintenance packages to further protect your system. However, you must make sure that your package fully covers the aspects that you want it to as there are often many different types of coverage. If you are not happy with the current coverage you are currently being offered then you are fully in your right to change to a different company.

Here at Blanksystems we offer the following packages for you to choose from:

Bronze CCTV Maintenance Contract:
By visiting your site annually, we sort out all faults and issues, re-focus, clean and notify you of any repairs, calibrate monitors, test and update recording settings, train your staff, supply adequate CCTV Signage and enable you to meet all legal requirements of the data protection act. This includes a free direct help line. Straight to an engineer Additional Call-Out´s and faulty parts are charged separately

Silver CCTV Maintenance Contract:
As above, but additionally all eventual Call-Out´s and labour for repairs are inclusive. You are only liable for cost of faulty parts, which we will supply at a discounted rate.

Gold CCTV Maintenance Contract:
As above, but additionally mechanical breakdown of CCTV Equipment is covered.

Please note – None of the maintenance agreements cover replacements through acts of vandalism or accidental damage.

We also offer a 24 hour Emergency callout to make sure that we can get your CCTV system as quickly as possible whenever it goes down. It does not matter if you are just one home or a large business compound with various sites, we promise to get to you within 24 hours to give you the full peace of mind that a Blanksystems system offers. If you are in central London we guarantee a 4 hour call out time before our highly skilled engineers are on site for CCTV repairs.

Find out more at

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buy twitter followers

Now that life has moved online it has become more and more vital to have an online customer base. Social media has become the true media hub, quickly supplanting TV and even IRL marketing (In Real Life) as the go-to place for business.

The leaders in this are of course Facebook and Twitter, and Twitter particularly stands out for its simplicity yet extensive reach and scope. Its clout has become so vital, Twitter became an important tool in organizing the Arab Spring and other revolutions. So it’s only natural that businesses and individuals want to create their own revolution so to speak.

Spreading the word on a product is important for social media marketing, and thus having a large Twitter following is key. But it’s not easy. People are stingy with whom they follow despite the fact that it doesn’t cost anything to click the ‘follow’ button.

And so the question arises how to get more followers. Unless you are a celebrity it’s tricky. A few ways are having something important to say or becoming someone. The twitterer who lived next to the mansion where Osama Bin Laden was hiding out went from a few dozen followers to several thousand overnight, when he tweeted during the assault.

Another way is to yourself follow thousands of people and hope they will follow back. This follower-to-following ratio usually creates suspicions and there is a good chance you don’t read the thousands of tweets of the people you follow, and they don’t read yours. It also has a high drop-back ratio, meaning you may have a few hundred at one point, and within a few days they all unfollow.

But a business needs followers quickly — and real ones. Also, when you already have several hundred or more followers you are taken more seriously, especially if you have a low following-to-follow ration, meaning more people follow you then you are following yourself.

The best way is to buy Twitter followers. It is quick, cheap and reliable. Some may feel a moral aversion to buying Twitter followers, but it is by all means moral and legal, even logical.

To buy Twitter followers doesn’t mean someone magically and meaninglessly ups that number marked ‘Followers’ on your Twitter page. There is no point in having a high follower count if they aren’t real, since the point of having many readers is that they retweet your tweets and so increase your market visibility.

When you buy Twitter followers these followers are real active tweeters, meaning they are always tweeting, retweeting and replying. These are real persons that won’t drop or unfollow and will help you spread your words.

It may seem strange, but to buy Twitter followers is by no means a cheat. Rather, it’s a way to enhance your business in a natural way, a starting point for it to take off. It is like opening the online doors to your business to customers, to ensure a regular flow of walk-in clients and word-of-mouth marketing.

The equation is simple: more Twitter followers means more clients passing on your message, which in turn means more followers and more business. And you really deserve that.




Nokia Lumia Review

With the arrival of the Lumia 720, Nokia has  what could be described as a full house  of Windows  Phone  8-based Lumia mobiles  covering a range of prices, screen size  and capabilities. To recap   in case  you’ve missed  anything  in recent months, the  Lumia rang of Windows Phone 8-toting  handsets comprises the Lumia 520, 620, 720, 820 and  920. Oh, and there’s also the Lumia  900, 800, 510 and 610. That’s nine Windows Phone 8 handsets in the current  Nokia  rang. With price tag of

If you want to  confuse  the average prospective purchaser there is no better way  than to offer them too  much choice, and when  you combine lots  of products into three  different line ( the ’00′,’10′,’20′ series ) then  you’re  heading  for trouble. At lowest available discounted   price on

Shopclues( no coupon required) and Snapdeal ( No Coupon  required ) Nokia Lumia 720 is real steal. discount   Add  in how the handset names  don’t actually mirror   value for money  and you might really  have a problem. For  example, I thought the Lumia 520  was  a lot  better value than the more expensive 620.

Certainly, there’s nothing middle-of-the-road about  the Lumia 720’s design. The rubberized polycarbonate shell is distinctively  Lumia and high quality. The  backplate is very tough, I couldn’t significantly bend or bow this phone in my hands. The rubbery  finish is good for grip. The backplate wraps around the four sides of the phone adding  toughness to the edges and corners. If it’s robust and tough you are after, then the Nokia Lumia 720 has that nailed. Oh, and that Nokia trademark  of making its Lumia  rang available in a variety of  colours is here  too. As well as  black  and white  there are blue, red and an amazing canary   yellow option too.

The  backplate  is fixed-it doesn’t  come off to let you get at the  battery. Your micro-SIM goes into    a caddy on the top of the  chassis. The right edge is very familiar, with its Lumia-esque volume rocker, power button and camera button. They’re coloured  the same as the surroundings so they blend  in, and are slightly raised so they are easy to find by touch alone.

The  Lumia 720 has a relatively  large screen at 4.3 inches, and it is sharp, bright and clear.The IPS technology  mean colours   are vibrant   and Nokia’s own  ClearBlack  technology plays its part in providing good screen readability too.

The screen resolution is relatively low at 800 x 480 pixels, but as  I’ve noted in the past the Windows Phone user interface is friendly to lower resolutions. It is when you break out of the cage and  go onto the web, or start reading emails that the lower resolution grates. Zooming and   scrolling are required more than they’d be on higher resolution screen.

The screen, incidentally, is one of those  that is glove-friendly. As the summer month rock in that might not matter, but come winter it could be a feature to please.

Looking under the hood, the specifications are about  what you  might expect  for  a mid-range handset. The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 is a dual-core model and runs at 1GHz. It is supported by just 512MB or RAM and this means the Lumia 720 doesn’t fly under  the fingers as I might have liked it to. But then again it isn’t a juddering disaster either. It does the job.

To end  this  judgement, I’d suggest the phone for purchase, and for a place to purchase it at, is no other than snap as they offer the lowest of prices.

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We’re getting to that time of year where the big technology players start to launch their new flagship products in the run up to Christmas where sales can literally go through the roof.

There’s events taking place throughout August and September both Apple, Samsung and HTC and we’ve taken some inspiration from these forthcoming events to round up five bits of technology we think will be on your Christmas 2013 wishlist. Some of them are already confirmed whilst others are mere whispers.

1. The Google Nexus 7 2nd Generation

Google took the tablet world by storm last year with their Asus manufactured Nexus 7 and look set to go one better this year with their upgraded 2nd generation model that’s packed with great features.

The tablet was released in the US on July 30th and looks to be hitting shelves across the globe by mid September.
This isn’t just a minor upgrade either, they’ve changed the design considerably, fitting a rear facing 5 mega pixel camera and according to the screen is a reported 1,920 x 1,200 pixel display which makes it the best quality screen available even more so than the latest iPad and considerably more than iPad mini.

2. The iPhone 5S with Finger Print Sensor

No technology post is complete these days without the mention of at least one Apple product and it looks like Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5S in September.

Apple has a history of underwhelming changes when it comes to their “S” models being mere software upgrades but it looks like they’re going above and beyond this year to claw back market share and launching the iPhone 5S with a finger print scanner to unlock the phone.

This technology is brand new, and has never featured on a smart phone which is going to make this phone incredibly popular. It’s almost James Bond like and will surely be one of this years, and nexts must have gadgets.

It will also feature the newly designed iOS 7 which means it’s going to be a real upgrade from the iPhone 5 which is still less than a year old.

3. The Nokia Lumia 6″ Phablet

Nokia has been overshadowed by Apple and Samsung in recent times but they’ve caused a storm after the front panel of a their new Lumia Phablet was leaked online earlier this month.

Phablets are growing in popularity by the day with more and more smartphone manufacturers rushing to capitalise and at 6″ this Nokia Lumia would be one of the biggest phones on the market.

It would also be one of the first phablets to use Windows 8 which makes it quite a unique phone and something that could prove very popular.

No release date for the Lumia phablet is confirmed yet but should Nokia be able to get this onto the shelves before the end of the year we could be witnessing a new best seller.

4. A New 13″ iPad

Not to be outdone by other manufacturers it looks like Apple are upping their game in the tablet market by planning to release a much larger version of the iPad.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier in July that the Cupertino based firm were testing both larger versions of the iPad and iPhone to counteract the growing threat that Samsung is posing to Apple’s dominance.

It’s not confirmed if it will be released this year, or if ever, but a 13″ iPad would make it the same size as a MacBook which is a huge increase from the current 9.7″ iPad.

Is it 13″ too big for a tablet? It’s difficult to say currently as this is a completely new device but it could be a viable replacement for a laptop and yet again makes Apple an innovator in the market place.

5. The Samsung Galaxy Note III

Samsung are never far away when it comes to new releases and coming on September 4th at an event in Berlin will the new Samsung Galaxy Note III.

We all know how popular the Galaxy Note II to was so this one looks set to replicate that and then some.

Why will this be so popular in Q4 2013? Well it’s going to be the first phone that featured a 3GB ram chip making it a step ahead of the competition who are currently all running off 2GB chips.

Not only that the Note III will make use of LTE Advanced which whilst not rolled out worldwide is available in the far east and in trial areas and is much much quicker than 4G, running at 150mbps.

Which tech are you hoping to get your hands on in Quarter 4 2013? Have you been holding out in anticipation for a new device?

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buy youtube views

Online businesses are constantly trying to find new ways to drive qualified visitors to their websites. The goal of any business is to have targeted traffic visit their website, and eventually make a sale. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done because of all of the factors involved with getting traffic on the web. Although article marketing was very popular for some time, article directories are becoming less efficient as a means to getting traffic to your websites due to lower page rank factors. Although Google no longer values articles as much as they did before, they still value videos, especially YouTube videos, because they actually own this website. In this article, we will show you how to increase your overall business revenue, and also have a little fun, making videos that will help you increase your profits month after month.

When you buy YouTube views through your Adwords account, you are actually sending traffic to your videos that you have uploaded. In most cases, the videos that you create must create some interest with the visitors, prompting them to visit the websites that you are linking to in your description. If the videos are not invigorating, or even interesting, people will move on, costing you money. To spend your advertising budget wisely, especially when using YouTube to drive traffic, the videos that you make must relate to what you are selling and also be a little fun and memorable.

The best way to determine which video is actually the most profitable for your business is to make a variety of them, representing the different products and services that you have to offer. Instead of making something mundane, such as a picture of the product you are selling, you might want to add some music, multiple pictures, or use a product like Camtasia to create a screen capture video which will allow you to make a presentation. In essence, the video will be well done, and direct people toward your product or service in a fun filled way that they may actually want to share with others. By doing this, you will actually get more value for your ad spend on the video views because the people will be motivated to visit your website because of the quality of the videos that you create.

Another way to motivate visitors when you buy YouTube views is to tell people exactly what to do. For instance, if you are selling a particular service from your website, you might want to state all of the benefits of this service in the video itself. Then, tell the people to visit your website to get a special gift just for stopping by to see what you have to offer. Although your visitors are viewing your video because it may be what they are searching for, by telling them to take action, and visit your website, you will increase your chances of making additional sales.

Using these tactics for creating videos, especially when you buy YouTube views, you will spend your money much more wisely, and in the end, make more sales and profit for your efforts.

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