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Electronic Cigarettes are becoming a popular alternative to traditional smoking. They work on a principle of heating a source of pure nicotine. This nicotine after heating becomes a vapour that can be inhaled much like cigarettes. The difference is that only nicotine is inhaled. None of the other more harmful substances associated with real smoking are present in an electronic cigarette.


The Cartomizer is the most important component of the electronic cigarette. It is the source of the Nicotine. On its own the Nicotine has a somewhat synthetic experience for the smoker. There are many different flavours that can give a more natural experience. These include the addition of natural tobacco leaf to further emulate the smoking experience.


As everyone has different preferences we can provide different flavour strengths as well as flavours so you can be sure there is a product that will suit you.


There a wide range of flavours not just natural nicotine flavour. So you might want to try some different flavours before you find your favourite. You will be amazed at the range of flavours out there. They include, Dark Tobacco, Red Tobacco, Moroccan Tobacco, Silver Tobacco and Royal Tobacco and even menthol flavour. There are also more unusual flavours which include strawberry and even apple pie. There is even a spearmint ice flavour too.


It would always be advisable to use high quality Cartomizer products particularly those using high quality UK pharmaceutical grade nicotine. This is so you can be assured that you will not be receiving cartomizers with impurities and other problems associated with a poor quality product.


One of the problems with e-cigarettes is that there are many brands and fittings out there. As there is not standard fitting, you must be sure that you have found the correct fitting for your electronic cigarette. Many places now sell cartomizers that come in many fittings for all major e-cigarette brands. Chances are that you will easily find a retailer that has a suitable cartomizer for your existing electronic cigarette.


The various fitting for many electronic cigarette brands including, E-lites, SKYCIG, Vapouriz, VAPESTICK and Nicolites. There are many online retailers selling cartomizers, such as Cartomizer Outlet, one of the few specialists that can be found online. These specialists are a good place to start as they have expertise in the field and have stock for many different electronic cigarettes.


For Cartomizer refills visit


There is no doubt that social media has changed the way we connect with each other on the Internet, but things have changed that has made social media bit less “social.” We have so many friends and connections that it’s hard to keep track of what is what when we log into social media.

Lack of Relevant Posts

In our social media circles we are faced wit tons of content that really doesn’t matter because we are saturated in content. We may be looking for relevant posts from our buinesss connections but because we have so many friends and contacts on these sites it’s hard to connect with these people when we really need to. Think of how many friends you have on Facebook or followers you have on Twitter. Chances are you never connect with these people at all. You need a way to manage all these contacts that you have.

Too Many Messages

When you log into Facebook for example you’re often faced with messages from people playing game or doing something that isn’t relevant to what you want to find out. Your important posts are lost in this content. So if you’re working and need to read a post from someone important tit can be hard to find as you have to scroll through all the nonsense to get to that important post. You need a social media manager like Dwibbles (, Hoot suite (, or tweetdeck ( that makes this process easy for you. You can manage all your social media suites using these applications.

Connect With Who You Want

On social media sites you want to be able to connect with the people you contact the most not random people you have picked up along the way. You want to prioritize your feeds so you get the most out of the content that matter to you the most. You only want to see the updates that you need to see not everything else. A program such as Dwibbles can do this for you and actually make your social media experience relevant.

Topics and Contacts

When you use social media you probably only have several important contacts and topics that you use on a day to day basis but you get bombarded by tons of other posts and topics because you’re on someone’s friends list or followers list. This can make it hard to find all the relevant information that’s important to you.

Information Overload

If you have several; social media accounts and most do, you can be faced with far too much content that you just can’t make sense of. It’s like a full time job trying to manage social media. You need an application like Dwibbles because this allows you to manage all your accounts at once so you’re not saturated in content.

If you are tired of trying to manage your social media to get the relevant information you want, programs like Dwibbles can make this process easy for you.


Author Bio:

Eric Santos is a blogger, social media guru, problem solver, and entrepreneur. Eric is the Co-Founder of Dwibbles, and the CEO of Soshowise. Eric received a B.S in Entrepreneurship from CSUF. Eric has served as an Account Manager for the software company Decipher, and has managed accounts for clients such as eBay and PayPal. Check out!

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By Cameron Martin  

As a freelance writer, I’m constantly balancing an array of assignments, some at different stages of development. Regardless of where I’m at with a project – it’s completely reported out and half written; it’s in the fledging stage with a list of possible contacts – any loss of data can be devastating to my work schedule.

No one likes to repeat work. Not only are you annoyed with the fact that certain stages have to be repeated, but you’re nagged by the suspicion that this second effort isn’t as good as the first.

In the past, this has happened to me on several occasions, and it’s impossible to put a price on the amount of work hours that I lost repeating work that I’d already done.

That’s why I know it’s imperative to back up my files.

Recently I finished a sports profile for a top newspaper. This story was slated to run in the Sunday section of this major metropolitan paper, which has a circulation of several million readers – and even more on Sundays.

The same day I finished the piece – which took me several weeks to complete – my computer was infected with a Trojan virus and all the applications on my computer were locked up.

I panicked. How was I going to explain to my editor that I couldn’t get him the assignment? Was I really going to tell him my computer was infected? I might as well tell him my dog ate my computer.

But then I remembered that all my files were backed up on TAPNET, which utilizes the power of cloud computing to store your valuable files at an online data storage.

I didn’t need my computer to work (run wild, Trojan!); I could access all my files from any computer or iPhone because my files had been stored by TAPNET.

TAPNET monitors my files as I work, and backs them up as soon as they are saved – so there’s no need to remember to back up.

It doesn’t matter how many files I’ve got on my computer – TAPNET backs them all up! TAPNET backs up all hard drives and external drives on my computer.

I can access my backed up files from the web, an iPhone, an iPad, Android, or from any computer with an Internet connection.

This works whether I’ve got a PC or Mac. And my backups are private and secure.

TAPNET starts at just $24.50 a year, and it provides me with peace of mind.


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With the ongoing cliché that ‘content is king’ being constantly bandied around the web, it’s obvious that the web marketing world has changed somewhat. Now, techies who were happy focusing on link-building and on-page optimisation are being forced to delve into social media, copywriting and journalism. What, though, truly defines great content in 2013?

Up-to-date information. Whether you’re a sports equipment manufacturer or a marketing firm yourself, the content you’re providing should always be at the cutting edge of your industry. Without the hot-off-the-press information, you’ll always be lagging behind your competitors. Write about today, not last week!
It provides something useful. If there’s a surefire way to define useless content, it’s probably as content that provides nothing new for anybody. It’s either been released before in some other form, or simply covers an area of your industry that no-one else is really interested in. If you take the time to come up with a really great idea first, then the SEO focused content will practically write itself. Remember, you’re writing for them, not for you.

It catches the imagination. Or, controversy creates cash. Essentially, your content should really grab people’s attention, and make them aware of something they genuinely didn’t know. It should have the ‘wow’ factor. You want to provide information that either offers something completely new, or puts a real unique twist on something already in the public eye.

Be controversial. One of the biggest selling factors in newspaper content is the controversial column by someone with their own strong views. That’s what sells! That’s why it’s curious that so many content providers offer up bland, neutral writing that sounds like its scared of upsetting anyone. Don’t fall into the same trap: hire writers with real, strong opinions. If you can’t budget for that, then create some unique personas and write around them instead. Create a discussion point, and you’re far more likely to attract attention.

Be human. Linked to the above point, it’s important that any content in 2013 carries an air of humanity to it, whether it be through the tone of voice used, the views aired or simply the impression of friendliness given. Some of the most opinionated blogs out there gain readers simply through offering genuine views from people who have a real knowledge of what they’re talking about. This should be the angle that you approach content from: you are, after all, seeking to become a knowledge source yourself.

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